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Welcome to AppsGameCheats.Com, the best place to get cheats, hacks and guides for all your favorite games on ios, android, or any other gaming system.

Here at AppsGameCheats.Com our team works tirelessly to bring you cheats and hacks for all the newest games and apps that have been released.  We know how frustrating it is trying to get further in apps or games and always having to pay or use precious items to advance.  Here we believe that everything should be free, thats why we work tirelessly to bring you the best stuff around.  We currently accept requests so please dont hesitate to ask if you see a cheat or hack tool that we dont yet provide

Thanks for Joining Us.

Our Mission:

Its pretty simple, as gamers ourselves we have always enjoyed the aspect of being able to really sit down and enjoy a game, you know get engrossed and lose track of time.  It seems the more mobile our world becomes the less this is achievable.  Gaming co’s have become massive profit takers and now more then ever it seems you cant even progress or be a top player in a game without having to pay a premium or extra cash.  This frustrated us, so we set out on a mission and scoured all over the web.  We looked for ways to hack certain items in apps/games that we needed, looked for time tricks, glitches, and anything else that could enhance our game-play without having to pull out are wallet.  What we found was quiet amazing, a staggering amount of sources out there for cheats, hacks, glitches, and everything else you could need for a game.  Best of all it seemed most of this info was updated regularly by actually users and players of the game.  Below you can find a list of the primary objective of this website and what will be trying to achieve.  Thanks again for joining us here and we hope you have fun.

  • To bring you the latest and best free download links for all your favorite mobile game hacks and cheats .
  • Online Guides , Tips and Tricks, Secrets, Walkthroughs, & More for any of your desired gaming needs.
  • Every Single Sofware/Programs/Hacks Posted Here are Guaranteed Virus Free and 100% Safe of Malware.


Be aware that we are always posting and updating our site with new cheats, hacks, guides and other news, please subscribe to our feed or follow us on Twitter.

Future Updates:

We will always try to post the freshest versions of hacks or cheats available, if a Program, Tool, or Hack is patched rest assured that our team is working hard on a fix for the issue.  Please make us aware of any bugs or glitches that you find with any of our tools.

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