Bike Race Cheats & Hacks, V4.2 – Tricks to Unlock All Bikes

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Its time we refreshed a popular app that’s been trending for years and talk about the Bike Race Cheats 2014 that was just released for ios and android devices.  This is a sensational bike racing style game in which you race against your friends or other online players to show who is the king.  Would you like to download a new 2014 Bike Race Hack that can unlock you all the bikes for free?  How about a extra speed boost for your bike to use during the race to blow your opponent away?  Recently a unique iphone and ipad cheat for bike race app has been released that can do all of this and a bunch more.  Be sure to show your peers all those free bikes you unlocked using this bike race app cheats tool.  You will even have the option to unlock the ad-free version of bike race without having to pay a dime.  Finally, you can race using the super bike, ghost, high tech, silver, acrobat, and more.  Make sure you know that most hacks or cheats involving ios or android you will need to jailbreak or root your device to get it working right.  Recently we became aware that if you use ifun box with the bike race cheats for 2014 then this can actually function without any jailbreak needed.  With all the guides and tips we have ran across this has got to be the fasted way to unlock all the bikes in the bike race app without any hassles at all.  Notice that if you look below you can see the results after using the hack on bike race that we have just been discussing.

All Bikes Shown Unlocked Below!


Bikes Unlocked


Screenshot 2

Ok, now that we have showed you proof of all the bikes unlocked whats the next step?  Great question, and if you look below you can find a free no surveys download link to get the bike race app cheats in a .rar file.  You no longer have to spend countless hours searching on google for how to hack bike race for iphone or ipad.  Dont ever finish last in the race again because now you will have all the best bikes available.  Block out all those pesky ads that come with the free version using the no ads cheat.  Provided below is a screenshot of the current working cheat tool that you will see after downloading the cheats in bike race v4.20b and a set of the current functions that are available for you.

screenshot bike race cheats

Bike Race Cheats v4.20

Features and What’s Included in v4.20 Bike Race Hack?


  • Have the best bikes around because now you can hack and unlock all the bikes in a flash.
  • Access the no ad’s version of bike race without having to pull out your wallet.
  • You can use this bike race cheats 2014 for ios, android, and windows 8 when it becomes available.
  • Works without a jailbreak needed if you are using iFunBox. Instructions are included in your download.


.Rar Download Below

.rar download

v4.20b Download

Extra Tips and Guide for Unlocking the Best Bikes.

Girl Bike:

  • 12 stars are required.
  • Get 3 stars and do a back flip.

Retro Bike:

  • 5 games won in multi-player.
  • Like Bike Race Page.
  • Like Top Free Games Facebook Page.

Acrobatic Bike:

  • Race 100% wheelie and get 3 stars.
  • 3 stars and 2 front flips.
  • 3 stars and 4 back flips.

Bronze Bike:

  • 24 stars in the desert.
  • 24 stars in arctic.
  • 24 stars in dunes.
  • 3 straight races won.

Ninja Bike:

  • 250 game wins in multiplayer mode.


High Tech Bike:

  • Create a game with a FB friend.
  • Create a game with a random user.
  • Create a game sending a SMS.
  • Create a game sending an email.

Police Bike:

  • Play a game with 5 of your facebook friends.

Silver Bike:

  • 24 stars requirement in the hills.
  • 24 stars in beach level.
  • 24 stars in savanna.
  • Win 7 straight races.
  • Win against a bronze bike.

Hog Bike:.

  • Race and win against a ninja bike.
  • Beat a ghost bike.
  • Race and win against a police bike.
  • Beat a super bike.

Ghost Bike:

  • Race with 2014 of your facebook friends.

Gold Bike:

  • 24 stars in desert 2.
  • 24 stars in arctic 2.
  • Win 12 straight races.
  • Win 5000 games in multi-player mode.
  • Win against a silver bike.

Kids Mode & Super Bike:

You have to buy these unless your using a bike race cheats to unlock certain bikes.

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