CSR Classics – Hints To Get Free Gold, Cash, and Gas Easy For Ios or Android

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CSR Classics is the sequel to CSR Racing, last years viral hit that was on top charts for months on ios and android markets. This app brings you in the past and lets you race the classic and antique cars from 1940s and 1960s, and what distinguishes this game from the rest is that you can race all types of classic cars, not just the american ones either. Just a few of the cars you might be able to race with is the old Mini, BMW 507, Lancia Stratos, Audi 100, and more. All of these unique classic cars can be purchased with gold and cash that can be obtained while your playing the game.  You can read on more below for some tips on how to get free gold and cash really fast and easy.

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Free gas, is it possible?

Yes it actually is possible and there are multiple ways of doing it. You can always do the time trick, which im sure most of you are familiar with for all kinds of apps.  Only problem with this is when you set your time back to normal you will have to wait to get gas until the time corrects back. There are a few other ways to get free gas in csr classics, you can watch a video, follow or like on facebook, or you can even tweet about it.  Regardless of how you get your gas in the app, be aware that unlimited gas is extremely important and without it you will be forced to wait and not be able to compete.

Tips for racing opponents.

If you want to win races you have to pay attention to your car, it all depends on how fast you finish that quarter mile. If you notice your tires smoking this means that your grip is probably bad, you should go to the shop and upgrade your tires, grip is everything. You can do numerous other things like upgrade your engine, decrease weight, buy new parts, and a whole lot more.  Finally, make sure you use your nitrouse as soon as you can.  A quarter mile is a short race so the quicker you can get your vehicle up to top speed that better chance you should have to win the race.

Ways to get free gold and cash!

You can gain gold by leveling up, then you can use this free gold and buy a premium decal which will earn you free cash. Then, you can race in regulation mode over and over again using this premium decal to stack up on unlimited free cash.  This can be done as much as you want and is a priceless way for you to get a bunch of upgrades really easy.

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