Dead Trigger 2 Cheats and Hacks to get Free Gold, Money – Ios or Android

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We have ourselves another zombie game and its dead trigger 2 for ios or android. I wanted to take a minute to talk about the Dead Trigger 2 Cheats that can in fact make you gaming experience a whole lot easier if you use it correctly. Let me explain. You will be in need of Money and really the most important thing is gold if you want to get those really cool guns and upgrade them. The problem im sure most of you are familiar with is that gold will empty your wallet, who wants to do that? This is why we recommend you use the Dead Trigger 2 Gold Cheat that can actually instantly get you free 999999 gold in the game without any jailbreak required. Zombies will require a lot of ammo and some of the bosses need special guns to defeat. You can use the money cheat for dead trigger 2 to unlock all those guns for free, get yourself free ammo, and if your in need of health it is simply one click away. Now please dont take my word for it, if you look below you can see a picture of the cheat interface v2.6b for dead trigger 2 that you will see after download. You can also scope out the 999999 free gold and cash money i was talking about so that you can feel comfortable before proceeding.
dead trigger cheat interface

What can i get if I use the Dead Trigger 2 Hack Tool?

  1. Gold  and Money Cheat – Get anytime 999999 gold or any set amount you wish with one click. Use it at the store to unlock cool guns, get free ammo, refill your health kits, and unlock other items.
  2. Unlock All Guns – Yes you can instantly unlock all the guns, you dont have to wait, and upgrades will be free.  Max out your weapon.
  3. Infinite Ammo and Health – You dont have to ever worry about running out of ammo during a mission ever again and you can heal yourself too using the generator for health that is included.
  4. No Mods or Jailbreak Needed – You wont have to void your warranty like other hack tools require, there is no jailbreak or root required and absolutely no spyware is included in your free download.
  5. Universal Support – This will work for all Ios and Android devices.  Iphone, Ipad, Ipod all Ios.
  6. Enhanced Security Features – We care about your privacy, there are multiple security options and proxy support included with this dead trigger 2 cheats

Screenshot of Dead Trigger 2 Hack (Proof)

hack proof dead trigger 2

So now you can see the after results of using the Dead Trigger 2 Hack, notice all the 999,999 Gold and Money that this account received.  This will for sure be enough cash for you to purchase all those great guns and upgrades and take advantage of this app to the fullest.  Trust us for your needs and stay away from those dead trigger 2 cheats that will require you to do surveys or jailbreak your device, your only risking voiding your warrant or messing with your unit.  This is the easiest and best hack for dead trigger 2 that has been released, enjoy it and tell others.

Download Below!


download dead trigger 2 cheats

Workbenches Guide:

There are a number of workbenches in dead trigger 2, these are used for a variety of things in the game, each of them does different things which i will explain below.


The medic is able to produce and upgrade the painkillers for you, these can be used to heal you during your missions.


The gunsmith will make new weapons for you and upgrade the ones that you already own yourself.


The scientist will take care of the technology part of the game, he will upgrade your works for you so they can produce new things for you to build.


The engineer is the mad man behind producing and upgrading items for you like grenades and explosives.


If you want exclusive items that you can get anywhere else then talk to the smuggler, you can exchange gold for stuff from him.



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