Game of War-Fire Age Cheat more Free Gold, Loyalty and Alliance

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Game of War: Fire Age is a really popular ios and soon android game that’s been trending on the top grossing charts for a long time now. This app is brought to you by Machine Zone Inc and comes loaded with tons of unique features and game-play experience. Gold is the premium cash that you will need in this game and sometimes it can be pretty hard to get free gold. There is lots of stuff you can get with gold like cool items, defenses, weapons and more.  Loyalty is the other kind of money that you will be using and can buy some great boosts, some that even gold will not be able to get you. Third is Alliance funds that are controlled by the leader of the alliance. You can read on more below to find out how to get all three of these, even gold for free!

gow-fire age





Download Game of War for Ios.

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How to get Loyalty Points and Alliance Funds?

  • It’s pretty easy to get more loyalty and alliance funds when you help out the members of your alliance when they need help completing construction or research.  Each time that you provide help 100 loyalty funds will be given to you, and funds to the alliance. If you choose to participate in an event or complete one of your alliance quests, you can also get free loyalty and alliance funds.  Make sure that you try to do this as much as you can.
  • You should be aware that if your alliance takes over and steals your kingdom’s wonder then now your alliance will become the boss and the leader of the land. If you do this action you will obtain a massive quantity of free loyalty points, take note though that this is the hardest action to complete in the app. If you want to see a wonder, go to the regional map, tap on the far right button on the top (the kingdoms button), and click on any of the kingdoms. After doing this you will be sent to the available wonders.

Free Gold, is it possible?

  • It’s actually possible to get free Gold in multiple ways. Make sure to open your alliances gifts before they expire, many of them will contain free gold.  Sometimes though if your alliance doesn’t buys gifts and then cant gift you then you wont get much free gold.  It may be a good idea to drop this alliance and get a better one that you notice is gifting you.  The more chances you have to open gifts the better chance you have it getting free gold.
  • You can also play the casino, this is just one more way to give yourself a chance. High roller mode will give you the ability to get even more gold coins but your risking more.
  • Connect to Facebook and then build a gold mine out in the middle of nowhere, this will enable you to earn rewards and trade gold with your friends. If you refer friends you can also get free gold and will receive extra bonuses when they complete certain parts in the game.
  • Use a Game of War Fire Age Cheats and get all the unlimited gold you could ever want.  This is actually a option but be aware that many of the proclaimed cheats you find for game of war probably don’t work or have already been patched.  There are a select few that will do the job and we will try to share any new game of war cheats for 2014 we find that are working.  Please note that many of these will require you to jailbreak your device or use ifunbox.

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