Game of War, Have Free Resources like Silver, Food, Stone, Wood, & Ore

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So the app Game of War Fire Age requires that you have resources and these can be pretty time consuming to get. Without them You can’t be a productive member of your alliance or even train your troops in the correct manner.  There will be plenty of times that you are just to low on resources and wont be able to do new research at the academy or upgrade your stronghold.  You simply wont have enough resources and will have to wait or even worse pay. If you want to continue reading you can find out how to get free food, wood, silver, iron, and stone!

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Here for ways to get resources!

Build & Upgraded Buildings.

If you want to have enough resources during game-play then you must build the correct buildings and complete upgrades. Farms can be built to get food, villas will generate you silver, build iron mines to get ore, quarries for stone and build logging camps for free wood. The more you build the more resources you will get and if you upgrade them they will produce even more for you in a quicker amount of time. Be aware to watch out for how much food you have, this is used up pretty fast by your troops and if your not careful you can end up having a negative amount of food.

Attack Other Kingdoms.

You can attack other peoples kingdoms and this is a great chance to get free silver.  Most of the time though the other empires will have their warehouses upgraded to the max so dont even bother trying to get any of the other four resources from them. If you want you can occupy different NPC places that store tons of resources. There is silver in the forts, rocks are located in the quarries, camps contain wood, food is in the farms and mines have the ore. As usual try to attack the highest level because the higher the level your attacking the more resources they will probably have.  Make sure that you send over enough troops for battle, the more that you send, the more resources they will generate for your empire.

Treasure Chests.

From time to time you will see a treasure chest in the lower left corner, click on it. Dont forget to play the casino as much as you can, this is also a chance to have more free resources.

Complete Quests.

If you complete quests then you will be given a certain amount of resources each time.  When you complete a stronghold upgrade, you get a treasure chest, this has resources in it and some other cool stuff.

Spend Your Gold.

If you want to actually get any resource you need real fast then you can use the gold currency to buy them.

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