Gods Among Us Cheats – See Free Power Credits Using Gods Among Us Hacks

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If you play the app Injustice Gods Among Us then you know how many variables are involved in this game.  Many of them can become quite tedious and a lot of the times you are forced to wait or compete in pointless battles just to obtain your goals.  Among the top of these is energy and power credits which is basically the in app currency that you use to fight in battles, upgrade your characters special moves, and purchase new hidden characters that you need for your next challenge.  You will frequently be confronted with not having enough energy for your next fight and the most annoying part of all is there’s no option to get free energy without actually paying for it.  Not to be forgotten are power credits which as we said before you will need lots of these to perform upgrades to your characters special moves and to purchase new character cards.  This becomes absolutely necessary in later challenges as the simple bronze/silver character cards will not to the job anymore regardless of how high you upgrade them you will eventually be forced to purchase the more expensive and more powerful gold card character class.  With all of these blockades in your way wouldn’t it be nice to have a Gods Among Us Cheats that could get you free power credits instantly or how about a energy generator so you don’t have to wait hours and hours anymore?

Free Power Credits Proof!

power credits for free

Introducing a recently released Gods Among Us Cheats version 5.7.0b that’s been updated for all ios and android systems that can do all this.  You no longer have to wait a ton of time for your energy meter to refill because this cheat for the gods among us app has a built in energy hack that will restore it to max level anytime you need.  Now you can finally finish up that battle and concentrate on the more important things like getting to that next cool boss or upgrading your character card to your chosen level.  How about a power credits cheat for injustice: gods among us?  Wouldn’t it be magical to be able to buy all those gold and red son character card packs?  What about those support cards and booster packs that you always need for a certain fight?  The free download link you will find for the gods among us hacks can actually get you free unlimited power credits whenever you wish, so none of these things will be a worry ever again.  You don’t have to spend endless days online anymore looking for ways to cheat or hack gold, power credits, or energy.  Finally you can just fight your enemies and get down to business.  Never go without any of the best characters for gods among us that you have been wanting forever because now you can unlock all of them instantly and for free.  Be sure to load up on all those free support cards and booster packs you got they will for sure help you be victorious.  Remember that if you want to use ifunbox with this gods among us cheat then you will have that option as well so advanced user can have more functionality if they wish.  Regardless of what your goal is this new 2014 gods among us hack download will probably do the job for you.  Whether you are looking for it on iphone, ipad, ipod, or android the version 5.7.0b comes with a list of features that is sure to enhance your game-play experience.  If you look on above you can see some actual proof of 999 unlimited free power credits added to a gods among us users account as well as below there is a actual screenshot of what the gods among us hack 2014 looks like when opened on your device.

Screenshot Injustice: Gods Among Us Cheats Tool

gods among us hack 2014

 As you can see this user friendly hack for gods among us app couldnt be easier to set up, currently working for iphone, ipad, ipod, and even android devices.  You can easily select what it is you need and choose your device and this 2014 tool will do the rest.  Find out more below about each of the features and the exclusive download link that for a limited time may offer no surveys.


Free Power Credits – Everyone knows that you will constantly need these, whether you need them for unlocking new characters or just purchasing upgrades and boosters power credits will always be important.  Now you can cheat power credits instantly, simply input the amount you need and you will instantly have your desired amount.

Energy Generator – You already know how much of a pain it is to run out of energy right before you complete that last fight.  Well now that is a thing of the past because this is also a stand alone gods among us energy cheat that can refill you to the max in a instant.

Boosters Cheat – These are a added extra in the game and a lot of the times you can go without them but luckily for you the gods among us cheat can also hack you all the booster for each of the characters.

Unlock All Character Cards/Support – The biggest aspect of gods among us app is having the right characters for the right fights and its not always the strongest.  Some of these cannot even be bought with power credits and theres special ones like red son and others that can only be had for a limited time.  Now you can unlock all characters in gods among us fast and easy. Working for 2014 this is the only character cards hack unlock that we know of working right now, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Support/Updates – This cheat for gods among us app has universal support for most ios and android devices.  There are updates provided through the cheat tool as we have seen 4 so far since we ran across this.

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