High School Story Cheats 2014 – Free Rings, Coins and Books

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If your like me you love any game that will bring you back to your glory days? This app high school story does exactly that with an exciting twist and all sorts of epic quests and cool classmates for you to meet. Wouldn’t you love a brand new High School Story Cheats 2014 that could make you a boss by giving you free rings, coins, and books. This app takes time and you will constantly need coins to get certain items, buildings and decorations so that you can level up and unlock new quests. Rings will be used to speed up the process of everything in general and these will cost you real cash. This is where the high school story cheats come into the game. If you use this iphone, ipad, or android cheat for the high school story app you will be able to hack unlimited free rings anytime you like. Yes you heard me right, it will cost you no money and you will be able to cheat rings like a boss instantly. This free 2014 hack for high school story doesn’t stop there, it is also loaded with other features like a way to cheat you gratis coins, as well as a unique book generator tool. So your probably saying to yourself but if you if I use this high school story iphone cheats wont my account get banned or penalized? Well, there are no guarantees but our team has added multiple features to the tool that will protect your privacy and help to prevent any bans or penalties. You will have the option to connect the high school story cheats v2.01b through any proxy to hide your location, as well as many other utilities. Im sure that many of you have been flooded with tons of sources offering rings cheats in high school story or any kind of way to get you unlimited items that you could need in the game. The conclusion that we have come across is most of these will not work for the 2014 year and a good number will require you to complete surveys to obtain the cheat. You can rest assured that this high school story cheats has been tested and proven to be working right now and through the 2014 year, you wont have to jailbreak or modify your devices, and there are no surveys required. If you continue to look on below you will notice a screenshot taken live after using the cheats for high school story on ios or android that we have just discussed. Notice all the 999,999 rings, coins, and books shown, this should set your mind at ease to proceed and learn more about some of the other features.

High School Story Screenshot Proof Below!

High School Story Cheats 2014

Screenshot Proof

What features I get with the v2.01b Hack on High School Story for 2014?

  • Free rings cheat instantly – Have access to 999,999 rings at your choice or you can input a set amount if you just need a few to speed something up. Its really all up to you how you do it, but don’t ever wait again.
  • Hack coins – This is probably the best feature because coins are the in game currency cash money system. You can finally buy all the the things you need with this epic coins cheat in high school story.
  • One of a kind Books Generator – As the screenshot shows above you can have 999,999 books added to your account and never need to think about them again.
  • Everything Unlocked – Although you will still have to buy certain items that are not available for your xp level. All items, decorations, buildings and classmates will be unlocked instantly that are included in your current rank.
  • No Modifications or Jailbreak required – We know that many of you don’t wish to jailbreak your iphone, ipad, or ipod device. This high school story cheats 2014 will install on any system without any jailbreak required, so you don’t have to void your warranty. If you are a android user there is no root required or any complicated source codes to input.

v2.01b Download.rar

download high school story hack



In conclusion we hope that you benefit from this new 2014 tool we have just discovered. If your looking to find out more about the high school story app we will be putting together a guide with some useful tips and tricks to help you in your game play. Until then we hope that you enjoy the rings cheat, all those free coins, and don’t forget about the books. If you have any questions please post them below in the comments section so that we can try to help you. This high school story hack download Is frequently updated for any patches or bugs that we find so be sure to check back often for any new 2014 high school story cheats. There is also a chance we will frequently post any cheat codes that we come across, until then good luck and enjoy.

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