Paradise Cove Cheats & Hints, More Free Coins, Rubies, Energy, Wood

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Tap Paradise Cove is app of fantasy, it revolves around finding new places, cleaning up all the land for construction, and adding new homes and stores on this newly discovered land. You can try to find buried treasure on these new lands that can have rubies or other cool things in them.  Problem is you wont be able to do any of these things very easy without coins, wood, and energy which are needed to to do almost everything in the game.   If you lack these things then you wont be able to gain experience points and level up.  If you cant level up then you wont be able to unlock any of the items you wish too.   This can become a real problem and quite tedious for the average user.  This is what prompted us to create this guide on how to get free rubies, coins, energy, and wood in tap paradise cove for free, so lets begin.

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Free Gold Coins.

  • If you want to get free gold coins in tap paradise cove then be ready to spend some time. You can have free coins by collecting from your houses and boat merchant as much as you can, be aware though that this isn’t a quick process. For your convenience collecting from your houses and merchants wont lower your energy amount, so you don’t have to worry there.
  • Complete quests to unlock better merchant shops that will pay you more coins. The better merchant shops you have the more money you can collect, be aware though houses are needed to purchase the new merchant shops so make sure you have enough.

Ways for Free Rubies?

  • Rubies are one of the toughest things in the app to get, and other then being lucky on the mermaid spin there are not many ways of getting any rubies for free.  From time to time you will have options to watch videos, complete offers, ect and will be rewarded with some free rubies.  Occasionally as you level up or explore in the game you are given a ruby or two.

Energy for Free?

  • You can actually refill your energy anytime you like by setting ahead your time on your ios or android device.  Since energy accumulates over time if you set your clock ahead after you run out then you will notice its refilled, this is a way to have constant free energy.

Get More Wood.

  • If you want to get more wood then you will be stuck chopping down trees, plants and bushes that are on your land. You do need energy to clear land though so make sure you don’t use it all. There is a endless amount of land for you to clear to try to find more wood whenever you want so keep busy and you will probably never have to worry about it.

Gaining Experience Points

  • When you collect rent from a building you will gain experience points.
  • If you complete a quest then you will gain xp.
  • Finish construction on any building to have experience added.

We really hope that you have enjoyed this new guide for tap paradise cove and all the ways we just told you to get free rubies, coins, wood, energy, and xp.  This app is constantly evolving and we will continue to keep you updated with any new hints, tricks, cheats, or hacks that become available for tap paradise cove.  Take notice that we make no guarantees with any of the cheats or tricks posted on this site, like any app, paradise cove is updated all the time and these updates can cause cheats or tricks to stop working.  We will always try to update you with the newest solutions available, thanks.

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