Racing Rivals Cheats and Tips you need in 2014, Free Gems, Ect

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Racing Rivals takes drag racing to a whole new level and brings it to the streets with this unique style racing game for iphone, ipad, and android.  We hope everyone enjoys this app and wanted to share some racing rivals cheats, tips and tricks that you cant live without for the 2014 year. These are tried and tested by a vast community and are among the best ways to get you through the app without having to cheat racing rivals, enjoy.

Racing Rivals Ios

Racing Rivals Android Comming Soon

Racing Rivals 2014 Cheats Here!


Free Cash and Gems?


Theres really not many ways to get free cash or gems, everytime you level up you will get gems for a reward and you can obtain coins/cash when you win races.  Sometimes there are extra offers to do or videos to watch for bonus gems or cash.  You could also try to look up the racing rivals cheats that can get you free gems or cash for your iphone, ipad, or android.  There are a few available and they can be quite useful for those tough times where you are stuck and just need a little help.

Familiarize yourself with Speed Boost.


Its really all about timing, but if you need a extra boost there is always the speed boost option that you can use to try to catch up to your opponent.  Make sure you don’t use it when the light is red though or you could experience engine damage.

Time your Shifts carefully.


You should try to shift as soon as you see the green light, this will ensure that fastest time. You can start by revving your engine to get those green lights to come on, but don’t go to hard or lights could turn red and you could have a slow start.

Pick The Right Upgrades and Maximize Your Car’s Potential.


There are tons of different upgrades that you can do to the cars.  They range from that boosting a cars horsepower, increasing speed, or lightening the vehicle, keep in mind almost all the upgrades you do will increase the engine damage sustained. Go through the engine modifications and pick out the ones which add the most torque and horsepower (such as increasing the displacement, a cold air intake, headers and exhaust). These are pretty cheap and fast too, atleast for the first few stages of upgrades. Make sure to get the nos upgrade asap, plus supercharger and turbo, these will really make your cars fast. You cant really avoid this, eventually you need them to beat opponents, so get it out of the way.

Think hard before putting up the pink slip.


Pink slip races can be a great way to get a awesome car, but make sure you car is ready and has all the upgrades you need. You must have 2 rides in order to enter these races just in case you lose yours. If you lose the race then your car is gone, so like I said before, be read and fully upgraded

Make your car lighter.


Hit up the chassis tab to make your car lighter.  This will ensure that your car takes off quickly in the race and will beat those heavier opponents.  You can decrease the weight of your car by about 25 percent

Equip The Best Tires in the Game.


It seems like lots of people avoid buying good tires and this can be a terrible mistake.  This is the most important factor when it comes to grip, the better tires you have, the less chance of spin.  Unlike other upgrades that you have to do in order, you can purchase the top level tires whenever you want.  Some players choose to save up there gems and cash to purchase the best tires the first time.

Complete the classes to unlock cars.


Complete all the available races that are part of the campaign in the game. The final races are tough but will reward you handsomely with a new car unlocked for free which is totally worth the trouble.


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