Swamp Attack Cheats, Tips to Hack Free Potion, Coins, & Energy

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This evening we are bringing you one of the new and viral games debuting on app stores , Swamp Attack.   We have to tell you that at first glance this just looks like a copy cat of many other apps but as we dig deeper we notice just how many things you will need and quests you will have to complete.  Many people have been have been looking for ways to hack or cheat the swamp attack app for certain things that you need in the app, let me explain further.  There are 3 main items while playing this app that you will need frequently: Potions, Coins, and Energy, these will be used to start levels, keep playing if you die, along with getting all those weapons, explosives, and defense items for your player.  There are times in the game that you have the opportunity to get free coins, potions, and energy, but you will notice the more you play the less frequent this becomes and you will just not have enough in the end.  Most people will often find themselves having to buy potions and coins, or even energy, this can become pretty expensive for your wallet.  This is why the Swamp Attack Hacks that was just released is a must have tool.  It has features like a potions cheat and a way to hack gold coins with multiple settings available.  You can finally stop your search for how to cheat or hack the swamp attack app.  We almost forgot, you can also now have all the unlimited energy you want, don’t find yourself ever again not being able to start that next level, just use the swamp attack energy cheat that’s included and you will be playing right away.  As of right now there is no other cheat for swamp attack out there and best of all it works with iphone, ipad, ipod, and android devices.  You won’t even have to jailbreak or use cydia for the swamp attack potions cheat to work for you.  Everything is included and tested by our community, you even get a no surveys download included.  Of course,  there’s going to be a ton of individuals skeptical that this swamp attack hack 2014 is working so we wanted to set your mind at ease.  Continuing below you can find proof of the swamp attack ios and android cheats that we have been chattering about along with a display of free 999,999 coins, energy, and potion.  Remember after using this swamp attack tool you can use the free coins you receive to purchase and unlock all the weapons, explosive, defense, and items you will need.  The current screenshot is taken after using the program, and comes from a iphone 5. There’s also a rundown of the updated features that are working and any known bugs reported, enjoy.

Free Potions and Coins Instantly!

see here

Look at all those coins, energy, and potion, you can for sure now beat all those enemies and get to the max level possible.  Show this off to all your friends and let them know what a boss you are maxing out everything in the store.

2014 new tool

Updated Functions List

1.  Any device can hack potions for free and they are instantly added, you don’t have to wait.  Multiple settings from 0 to 999 infiniti, continue in any level as much as needed.

2.  Gold coins hack for swamp attack, now you can afford all those weapons you’ve been wanting forever.  Have unlimited explosives and all the defense items with free coins .

3.  Energy generator, stand alone tool that can refill your energy count and let your start that next level.  Never have to wait countless hours again.

4.  Unlock all the premium items: Weapons like the shotgun, uzi, m16, flamethrower, crossbow, minigun, and more.  Explosive such as the dynamite, molotov, fridge, oil can, battery, acid rain, stop sign, stinky, a-bomb are all available and endless.  Defense items called wood, cousin roy, barricades, spikes, metal, mine, ect are all unlocked regardless of your xp level

5.  Compatible with all versions of iphone, ipad, and android devices, you do not need to jailbreak.  The swamp attack cheats can be used with ifunbox if you are a advanced user and comfortable.

6.  No risk of penalties or bans to your account, private proxies are included to hide your location.

7.  Updates whenever patched or any bugs are found preventing the hack for swamp attack to work.

Download Free Below!

swamp attack hacks dl

Hopefully you have learned some helpful things while reading this post and will check back with us often.  Frequently we will update new links for swamp attack cheats or hacks, please if you encounter any problems drop us a comment so we can look for a fix, thanks.

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