Tap Campus Life – Learn How To Get Free Diamonds and Cash Fast

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The app Tap Campus Life has to different types of money or currency that you will use during your game play, these become essential as we will talk about more. The main currency is cash, its is the little icon on the top that looks kinda like a stack of dollars and is what you use most of the time. The best thing to have is diamonds, these can be used to basically purchase anything, you can even get cash using the diamonds, if you want hidden items or decorations, or anything that costs alot, you will probably need these. Also, diamonds will enable you to speed up the progress of certain items to finish instantly, this is a great feature because know one wants to wait forever.

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Complete Jobs:

The girls in the app will get cash a lot of the times for completing certain jobs, you can collect this cash and stack up until you can buy whatever you need, this is a great way to achieve your goals without having to spend your real money.  Remember though, if you dont collect your cash often then your characters will stop earning for you.

Educate Yourself:

Make sure you spend all that extra cash on taking classes.  If your characters are smart they can obtain a better career level and higher paying job, which in turn means more free cash for you.

Get More Diamonds For Free?


Diamonds and Cash Free


  1. You can purchase diamonds anytime you want using the plus sign on the top of the screen.
  2. There are many goals to complete, after you complete the tasks for the goal you can collect your free diamonds
  3. Use tapjoy if its available, watch videos, ect to get diamonds sometimes free.

Tap Campus Life Cheats or Hacks?

It has been long debated if there is actually a tap campus life cheats or hacks tool out there that can just make the job easier and cheat you unlimited free diamonds and cash with a simple click.  We searched all over and tested out countless so called tap campus life iphone or ipad cheats that would cheat us cash or diamonds, some claimed energy, xp level or even items.  The conclusion was most of these were not working or required you to complete surveys to obtain them.  We did run across one that has been concluded to work my several of our users, if you would like to read more about the tap campus life cheats tool you can do so here.


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