Tips for more Free Clams & Coins in Family Guy: Quest for Stuff

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff app was just recently released, starring Peter Griffin, who is the start out character you will slowly rebuild all of Quahog from the ground up, and meet a whole bunch of new characters on the way.  You will also have to buy certain items and buildings to progress in the app, to do this you will need coins and clams which are the two currencies in the game.   Clams are the more valuable of these two and will generally get you better items and stuff you need then coins will.  These can both be added to your account with in app purchases.  If you would like to learn some tips on how to get clams and coins free in Family Guy Quest for stuff then keep reading for a list of current cheats and tricks that have been found.

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First, a list of tips on getting free clams, here it is.

  1. If you purchase 5 dollars worth of coins you will receive 130 clams for free.
  2. Quests that have a white present with a red bow on it are the ones you want to look out for.  Completing these will get you free family guy clams.
  3. If you want to get 5 clams free and really fast connect your game to facebook as soon as you can.
  4. To get 5 more free clams you can invite your friends from facebook, for every 5 invites you will receive 5 free clams as a reward.
  5. The more quests you complete the better chance you have to get clams for free as a reward, of course the premium quests will give you a higher probability.
  6. Check your Facebook friends’ Quahogs and complete tasks. These often earn you free clams.
  7. Be conservative and careful with how you spend your clams, dont waist them on speeding things up, this is a big mistake.

Easy ways to get more free coins:

  1. The  more buildings you have that earn you coins the more you can get for free, so build as many as you can afford too.
  2. Complete the short character quests and collect from buildings as often as you can to get free gold coins.
  3. The fastest way to get coins for free in family guy is probably by completing quests in the app.
  4. Make the most of your time by completing the longer quests during periods when your away from the game like school or sleeping.
  5. If you remove the streets then you will have even more room for more buildings to build which means more coins!
  6. Choose the cheapest buildings possible when setting up your game, the less you spend the more you will have left.
  7. The buildings that take the shortest time to build are probably the best ones to choose from when first starting in your game.

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