Virtual Families 2 Cheats and Tricks for 2014 Complete Guide

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Welcome to our complete guide for virtual families cheats and tricks for the 2014 year, you will be able to use our exclusive hints and cheats to get you all sorts of unique free items, sometimes coins, and much more. We hope that you will use all these great tips and tricks we give you to make sure you have a healthy, happy and wealthy family. We hope you enjoy this new 2014 guide for the virtual families 2 app on iphone, ipad, and android devices.

Download Virtual Families 2 for Ios.

Android Virtual Families 2 Download.

Virtual Families 2 Cheats 2014 Version 3.10b

virtual families screenshot

Beginning of the game:

On the virtual families 2 app its your duty to take care of your little imaginary family on your ipad or iphone, androd too. It will be your job to make sure that they are succesfull, can get a job, and healthy so they dont have to go to the hospital. Make sure you teach them correctly, tell them to do there chores, clean up, take a bath, and sleep when they need too.  You really have to control everything they do.

Tips for playing Virtual Families 2 in 2014

Start with adopting someone to your family.

  • As soon as the app begins you will be able to choose a family member that you want.
  • If you see a person you want to adopt click select, if you want to look more you can hit try again to see more people options.
  • I would recommend you start with a person that already has a good job and has some cash, coins put away.
  • When you are ready and have made your decision you can click the adopt button.

virtual families 2 adoption

How to Move Around, Interact With Items, and Pick Family Members or People Up?

  • If you would like to move around all you have to do is tap your finger and drag to where you want to explore. 
  • If would like to move a person you simple tap them, wait until selected, then drag to the location of your choice.
  • If you want to interact with a item you can direct your person to that location by tapping the person first and then clicking on the item.

moving around

How to feed your family?

  • The food that you purchase in your app will be available in the inventory screen to the left. 
  • All you have to do is put the groceries on the kitchen table and your family will do the rest for you!

virtual families 2 food

Praising and Scolding your Family.

  • There are two gloves found in the upper left corner, praising and scolding.  You will need to use these buttons to teach your little ones behavior.
  • The green is for praising and the red is for scolding.
  • All you have to do is tap the glove you would like to choose and then select the person to use it on by tapping on them.
  • Dont use the scolding button too much or your family member that it was used on could get depressed.

scolding and praising

Character Screen you will see.

  • The character screen can be found by clicking on a character and then clicking on there name in the bottom corner.
  • This screen gives you all the info you will need about this person/family member

character screen

What are work areas?

  • Places in your home are considered work areas such as the workroom, office, or kitchen. Your family members career choice will decide what kind of work area then use.
  • Jobs on the computer will be related to the office.
  • Obviously anything you cook or eat will be used in the kitchen area, and stuff you use tools on will be used in the work room.
  • If you want your characters to work all you have to do is drag them to the area and they will begin.

 The Store

  • The store button is found at the bottom of the screen, all you have to do is click it to open the store..
  • The items that you own will show up in your inventory section in the left part of the screen.

How to marry someone?

  • You will get proposals for marriage in your email account.
  • Of course you will have the option to accept or decline this.
  • If you choose to accept then that person will right away be added to your family and arrive at your home.

marriage virtual families 2

Info on Email.

  • There is a yellow icon that will appear over the computer from time to time, when you see this it means you have a email.
  • If you want to read a email all you have to do is drop your person on it. 
  • All spam and marriage proposals will come to your through email.

vf2 email

The art of Baby Making.

  • If you are married then you can begin trying to have a baby anytime you like.
  • If you want to try you must have a couch, bed, ect, then you simply drag and drop one person onto the other.
  • Its really all luck and if its just right then they will have a baby.
  • Remember that you will have to take care of this new baby so the mother of the family will not be able to concentrate on here career/job.

babies virtual families 2

Decorating Tips.

  • Decorative items that are purchased will show up in your inventory in the decorations section.
  • All you have to do is hit the Decorate button to start what you want.
  • Once again you will drag the decoration where you want to place it in your home.
  • You can hit the arrow keys if you want to rotate the chosen item.

Upgrading your House.

  • Each generation will have certain spots in the house that are available to renovate.
  • You can pick the upgrades you want by going to the store section and then clicking on Home Renovations.
  • There will be works that show up at your house to start the upgrade/renovation that you have just chosen.

house upgrades

This is really all the stuff you need to know when it comes to the virtual families 2 app game for the 2014 new year.  We hope you enjoyed this in depth guide and learned some tricks along the way to make your life easier.  We will continue to update this guide for anything useful we find regarding the app virtual families 2, along with any new virtual families 2 cheats or tricks that we come across.  Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again.


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